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Dr. Jessica Wilson-Dorsey is an accomplished actress, recording artist, activist, and entrepreneur. 


In 2021, she launched Jai Bella Entertainment which covers the many different talents that she embodies and provides for her clients and employers. She is a singer who has been classically trained, with roots in the Black church. As a Theatre and voice major at Alabama State University, she focused on classic operatic pieces, negro spirituals, chamber singing, choir, and jazz. With a love for all music she has ventured into neo soul and R&B. In 2015, she was coined one of the Divas of Atlanta in a neo soul showcase with Phillipia as the headliner.


Dr. Dorsey has been featured in film as a supporting cast and as a main character. She currently landed the main character of "Jazmine Brown", a 34 year old Music entertainer with 2 kids in the TV series, The Chronicles. She was recently a feature on Tyler Perry’s Sistahs.

As a Thespian she has many stage play credits; however, one of her most memorable roles was when she portrayed the goddess "Yemoja" in The Children of Origin.  She also just landed a lead role in Sandcastle Film Group’s short film entitled Rae as the character named Indigo; the best friend who is witty, funny, and the life of the party. 

Dr. Dorsey is a performer, actress, and thespian who is a Christian; however, she is open to both secular as well as religious bodies of work. She is a firm believer that “as a great actress your job is to embody the role you’re portraying until you become them and it is totally believable to your audience. Your religion should not necessarily be on display as you perform; however, it should definitely be evident through your faith behind the scenes. Acting is a gift and it should be respected not judged because it takes discipline to perform effortlessly and flawlessly whether on stage or on film." 

Being multifaceted in her divine gifts she is also the visionary of several movements and ministry endeavors including BADD Girl, LLC, Anointed Assembly of Christian Fraternities & Sororities, Apostolic Institute of Higher Learning, and Refining Fire International Ministries.


Dr. Dorsey sits as the Founder and CEO of

Theta Phi Sigma Christian Sorority, Inc. Through this non-profit, she serves as the catalyst that teaches women how to build sisterly bonds and merge spirituality with everyday life. Her passion for community service has been recognized across the country, and she is the recipient of proclamations and awards from the House of Representatives, the states of Louisiana and Alabama, the Advertiser King Award, the Free to Be Award, the prestigious World Humanitarian Queen Award, and has been featured in WOW magazine, World Class Beauty Pageant Magazine, and the featured cover for Beauty on the Bay magazine. In 2021 Dr. Jessica received the IAM Award for the Entrepreneur Influencer Award and the Iconique & Legends Award from Dance Ministry Magazine and Mimeistry Magazine in 2023. Internationally, she will be singing with the World Women Talent System in South America in September 2023 and leading Theta Phi Sigma on a trip to Kenya, Africa in 2024.

In the world of pageantry, she has held the titles of Ms. Chamber and Ms. University Choir, Ms. Gold, Ms. Afro Native American Culture Galaxy, Mrs. Georgia Plus America, Ms. Plus America Cover Girl, Ms. USA Culture Galaxy, Ms. Emiratis NSpire Juneteenth 2023-2024, and Mrs. Georgia National Sorority Pageant.

Most importantly, she is the wife of Mr. Rodney Dorsey and a mother of two.

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