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"We have a global mandate to reach the nations by spreading the message of God's love through his perfect plan This page is to give you some important information and clarification concerning the vision of the pink society. The acronym for The Pink Society is T.P.S. The Greek letters for T.P.S. is Theta Phi Sigma. We are a Christian organization built on the Word of God. We use the Greek alphabet so our young sisters will have an alternate Godly organization in which they can still wear paraphernalia to represent this great society. We are a sorority that is not just for college students but it is society for younger and older sisters alike. We are not a part of the Pan-Hellenic Council known as the "Divine Nine".... but we are "divinely" appointed by God to provide an organization for sisters to grow together in unity. There are no "secrets", "rituals", "hazing", or expensive fees.
HAZING is any action taken or situation created that involves or results in abusive physical contact or mental harassment of a prospective Sorority member. Any such action is considered HAZING whether it occurs on or off the Fraternity premises, campus or place where chapters or prospective members meet. HAZING also is described as any action that results in excessive mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment or harassment. Such activities include, but are not limited to, paddling, creation of excessive fatigue, physical or psychological shock, morally degrading or humiliating activities, late work sessions that interfere with scholastic activities, and any other activities inconsistent with sorority law and the regulations and policies of the affiliated educational institution and federal, state or local law. The above-described actions are expressly forbidden. Members or chapters involved in such infractions are subject to disciplinary action.
Anyone who participates in hazing a person does not represent Theta Phi Sigma Christian Sorority, Inc. Any person who commits hazing is individually and personally liable to the victim and can be subject to a lawsuit for monetary damages. Individuals involved in hazing also face severe disciplinary action by the Sorority. We are not a cult nor do we practice anything that would be compromising to our Christian beliefs. We represent the Kingdom of God in the earth realm and we help to develop strong, classy, intelligent, educated, confident women of God. We worship the almighty God who is Alpha and Omega (meaning beginning and ending in Greek). We believe in the matchless name of Jesus Christ and his powerful blood that cleanses us from all sin and unrighteousness.
We believe in teaching women the importance of self image. We are not "materialistic" but we do understand that our presentation can open or close doors in our lives. We do not teach "doctrine" ex. to wear or not to wear pants/ earrings etc. because it is their personal choice but we do teach them to be the best they can be regardless. Our goal is to point women to Jesus Christ so that they will know who they are and whose they are. We want to encourage women to walk in authority and not settle for less. We want to combat teenage pregnancy, wrong relationships, soul ties, school drop out rates, alcohol, drugs and other things that would delay us from God's perfect will for our lives!
Theta Phi Sigma (T.P.S.) will reach out to our communities by educating and promoting abstinence, education, and holy living. We will do public speaking, poetry slams, step shows and talent shows to reach out to other young ladies in the community.
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